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Corporate Communications play an integral role in deciding how an organisation is perceived by its stakeholders. A smart communication strategy ensures that a company’s image among its stakeholders is consistent and positive, and bridges the gap between what it says and what it does.

The Collage team, with its extensive experience in the fields of communication, PR, journalism and training, provides comprehensive communications support to businesses.

External Communications:

Establishing a clear and consistent line of communication with external stakeholders is key to the reputation and profitability of a business. This is achieved with strategic outreach through multiple channels including brochures, newsletters, emails and posters.

At Collage, we spare no efforts to ensure that our clients receive the most effective and comprehensive external communications support possible, including visual communication tools such as corporate videos.

Media Relations:

Third-party endorsement, particularly from the media, is the most powerful tool to influence public perception of an entity. Team Collage, with our strong background in journalism, understands the requirements of the print and broadcast media in terms of both content and deadlines. This helps us provide multifaceted, contextual and relevant media placement that ensures optimal outreach to our clients.
We help you create and maintain public awareness and understanding of your program, and build credibility through sustained outreach.

Internal Communication:

Good employee relationship (ER) translates to business continuity and profitability of a company or organisation. Smart internal communication lays the foundation for a positive ER, facilitating conversations between leaders, managers and employees. The resultant behavioural changes enhance collaboration and productivity among staff, besides having a favourable impact on the company’s reputation. 

Collage helps clients plan and implement smart internal communications strategy that is aligned to the nature of their business as well as short and long term goals. We provide support with content for intranet, emailers and newsletters, as well as audiovisual aids.

Editorial Support:

Where communications are concerned, content is king. A well-written piece of text is the most powerful tool imaginable, in terms of influencing the behaviour and opinions of an audience. As a team with expertise and experience in the fields of media and PR, we are well-versed with the editorial requirements that ensure optimum public outreach. The content we develop is unfailingly top quality, and appropriate to the target audience. Among our specialities are:

• Press Releases
• Website Content
• Brochures
• Newsletters
• Emailers
• Social Media Content
• Backgrounders
• Profiles
• Fact Sheets
• Speech Writing
• Award Submission Documents


Crisis Communications:

Crisis communication is a vital component of public relations, designed to protect and defend an individual, organisation or business entity from a challenge to its reputation. The challenge maybe the result of a number of factors including technical failures, natural calamities, human error or malicious intent, but it can negatively impact the credibility, profitability and continuity of businesses.

A crisis demands the formulation of a plan to stabilise key relationships, and swift execution that helps shape the opinions of the company’s most critical audiences. The idea is to assess, prepare for, and mitigate issues before they escalate. We are experienced in producing crisis management manuals that equip clients to respond with speed, honesty and efficiency to stakeholders in the event of an untoward incident.

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The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion that it has taken place. George Bernard Shaw

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